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Rise - The Smart Wake Up Light

Wake up the way nature intended.


Let’s face it, waking up sucks. It shouldn’t have to be a struggle, but for most of us getting out of bed is the hardest part of the day. We all wish we could have that lay-in feeling every day, but instead have to wake up to the annoying alarm on our phones. We end up hitting the snooze button over and over again, leaving the comfort of our beds at the last minute. This makes us late and starts the day in the worst possible way.

Rise is a feature packed device that solves this, combining a striking design with modern technology so you can reclaim your mornings. It wakes you gradually with light, has an FM radio, Bluetooth® audio, Spotify integration and can be controlled from your smartphone. It's a smart take on the traditional alarm clock.

Dawn Simulation

Humans are programmed to wake up with the sun. For thousands of years, our body clocks were in sync with nature. This isn't compatible with modern life, so we use harsh alarms to force ourselves out of bed before our bodies are ready.

Rise solves this.

It gradually lights your room before your alarm goes off, simulating the sun. This prepares your body, so you wake up feeling fresh and ready to start the day. What's more, its light automatically changes to warm tones in the evening. This simulates a sunset, telling your body it's time to go to sleep.

 Every aspect of Rise has been carefully considered to give you the maximum benefit. From the auto-dimming OLED display, to the built-in fast charge USB ports for your phone, Rise is packed with features that improve your day.

 Note that all Spotify functionality requires a Spotify Premium account.

  • 6 high power and efficiency CREE LED's with warm and cold tones

  • Auto-dimming, monochrome OLED display with 160 degree viewing angle

  • Bluetooth Low Energy

  • 2 Fast Charge, 2.1A USB ports

  • 15W full-range custom tuned speaker

  • FM Radio

We wanted to design something that stood out in your bedroom. That's why we worked with renowned lighting designer, Moritz Waldemeyer. His work is built on a philosophy of playful experimentation by forging links between technology, art, fashion and design. His prior work includes installations for Audi, Bombay Sapphire, Microsoft as well as costumes for the likes of U2, Rihanna, and the London Olympics Handover Ceremony performers.

When we were designing Rise, we looked to nature for inspiration. We thought about its most important functions - sound and light. In nature, we associate crystals with sound, but also in the way the way that they scatter light. They organically grow into something striking, so we took inspiration from these natural formations to produce something unique.

Our free companion apps give you complete control over everything Rise can do. Available on iOS and Android, they bring the benefits of a touch screen interface to a physical alarm clock. You can set alarms, control the light brightness and temperature, change the radio station and change any of the settings. What's more, we’ve all missed that crucial early morning meeting by forgetting to set an alarm, so our app will remind you of your upcoming calendar events.

We have some extra ideas we would love to implement if we smash our funding goal!

More colours

  • Currently Rise comes in the one awesome colour scheme as seen in our photos

  • If we raise over £250,000 we will open a poll for other colour choices and will pick your favourites!

DAB Radio 

  • We have built in compatibility to use a Digital radio (DAB) module  

  • If we hit £300,000 funding, we'll give this as an option for people in countries where it is used

Toby Isaacs - Firmware Lead

Toby has a Masters in Electrical Engineering and writes critical controls system software day to day. He's worked on projects ranging from automotive production lines to UAV communication systems.

Freddie Temperton - Director and Electrical Lead  

Freddie has a Masters in Electronic Engineering and now develops products from prototype through to production every day at Mindtribe in San Francisco.   

Peter Garland - App Lead  

Pete has a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and works as a consultant in the manufacturing sector. He's also spent the past 5 years developing mobile apps which have a combined download count in the millions.  

Risks and challenges

There are a few key challenges when manufacturing Rise at scale. The first is making the moulds which will be used to make Rise's case. These are the biggest single cost of the project and we need to make sure they're perfect. We have already spoken to our injection moulding vendor who has reviewed our CAD design files and given feedback which we are actively integrating into the design. They're confident that with some small changes, the moulds won't be an issue.

The second is that Rise needs to be certified electrically before it can be delivered, this includes FCC and CE certification. We've minimised the risk by using a pre-certified Bluetooth radio which gives us more confidence in our design passing. We also do this in our day jobs, so are familiar with the process and requirements we need to meet.

The last is the complexity of manufacturing and assembling a complex electronics device could lead to delays. We've already spoken to vendors who will manufacture Rise for us and accounted for component lead times in our schedule. Again, vendors are actively reviewing our designs and we are working with them to make sure the design is robust and easy to manufacture. Our team is already experienced in bringing similar products to market so we understand the common mistakes and how to avoid them. Rise has been designed from the start to be easy to manufacture. #꿈

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