FITT360 - The First 360° Neckband Wearable Camera

Unobtrusive and effortless way to capture and share your moments in 360° true First-Person-View.


FITT360 is the world's first and only neckband 360 camera. Designed to capture your vivid 360° world effortlessly, this hands-free device provides a whole new way to tell your story in 360° True First-Person-View.

Designed to be unobtrusive, FITT360 is wearable throughout your daily lives without any sense of displacement or awkwardness.

Whether it is chasing after your kids, cycling with your friends, traveling or going on adventures, FITT360 makes it easy to capture the moments that matter.

Hands/Mount Free Simply press record and focus on your never-again moments and the experience itself.

First Person View The footages FITT360 provide will take you back to those moments in the most immersive way possible. Rewinding your world and discovering what you might have missed is now possible. 

Live Streaming Share your vision in real-time or preview what you have captured and share it with the world via social networks

Life Logging Embedded GPS within the FITT360 enables tracking and mapping of videos taken by FITT360. With this feature, you can even create your personal street views