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1. The new source of insight for today’s entrepreneurs

Our current customers include:


  • Investment, finance and trading strategy firms

  • Marketing, brand awareness & monitoring groups

  • Public relations & crisis management, advertising corps

  • Intelligence analysis, national security & defense agencies

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2. Quant financial analysis & trading

 Quantitative finance tools for traders & analysists

  • Quantify simple and complex events on the basis of media sentiment and overall media momentum

  • Develop trading signals based on highly structured events/news data

  • Explore alpha-generating opportunities by breaking down news by event type, source, and time

  • Back test strategies against  SP'W growing archive of historical events/news data

3. Equities & fixed-income research

Fundamental equity and fixed-income analysis tools-Industrial Research and  analysis tools in SP'W

  • Visualize "buzz" surrounding corporate actions and product releases

  • Drill into sources of company news: mainstream media, blogs, niche outlets, government filings

  • Quickly assess media sentiment surrounding particular events

  • Identify planned or likely events

  • Understand relationships between firms, products, analysts, and key stakeholders

  • Set alerts to monitor for firm or industry-specific events: credit events, insider trading, merger rumors, and more

4. Brand monitoring

Follow product perception online...

  • Identify who's discussing your product and what they're saying

  • Identify product issues and follow buzz, analyze press releases

  • Be the first to know about new product releases and rumors

  • Monitor patent issuances and patent filings

  • Find out which companies and people are using a product

  • Watch for events that effect consumer sentiment

  • Track online product momentum over time

5. Research a person

FMonitor news on public figures to...

  • Identify future research plans; trends and patterns

  • Search for communication with other company; graph their network  

  • Find quotations and sound bites in the events

  • Discover conpany's strategic positioning

  • Track online product momentum over time

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Market Trend & Research

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  • Automotive leads the way as Digital Factory market grows to $673 billion in 2030

  • Revenues for the European IoT market are forecast to increase by 19.8%

  • France to invest $3.7 billion in boosting 4G coverage

Market  Whitepaper/eBook/Report

  • Monetize IoT with Analytics

  • Smartphones: Turn Safety Into A Profit Center in 2019

  • Transitioning to a 5G world: how testing is evolving to meet operators' needs

  •  Video Processing and Delivery Moves to the Cloud

   Webinar/ Webcast/ Video


  • How to bring 5G in-building 

  • SUPER PANEL:Are MEC and NFV the key building blocks for 5G?

  • How Gigabit LTE can supercharge Sony smartphones

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