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The cost of using  SP'W consists of two components: Marketing platform usage and Advertising delivery.Purchase some of each.  We'll email you when either you submit your need, so you can purchase more only when you need it.

To get started, choose from one of our pre-packaged options or customize your purchase to fit your specific needs: SP'W can offers robust tools for temporal and predictive analysis including advanced visualizations and fine-grain Event alerts.

Customers are using SP'W Medium, Premium, Business to monitor media, understand news and predict a variety events using the web.


Learn more about how people use it and How it works, or  contact us for our additional information.

Marketing Platform Usage

Get the insight and power in  your market with SP'W strategic service. 

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Advertising Delivery Usage

Empower your brand and product with  SP'W. Get the insight and power in  your market with  SP'W  strategic service.

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