Luminiser Lantern | Powerful LED light from a tea candle.

The Luminiser’s patented technology transforms the heat energy from a single tea light candle into a powerful LED lantern.


The Luminiser is a compact and durable lantern that uses thermoelectricity to power the LEDs for hours!

By using thermoelectricity, The Luminiser’s patented technology transforms the heat energy from one single tea light candle into a powerful LED light lasting 5-6 hours, providing 15-20 times the light than a candle alone.

No batteries, solar panels or cords required. 

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"Luminiser is a revolutionary LED light that is power by one tea candle!" -mikeshouts.com

"Luminiser powers its internal LED lights using a unique form of energy, potentially changing the lives of those who use it."  - digitaltrends.com

"ThermTech has created a new powerful indoor and outdoor LED light" - geeky-gadgets.com

"Yes, this light is a camping light using the "thermoelectricity" technology" -techable.jp

The Luminiser is lightweight, rugged and made from high-quality materials. Use it indoors or outside!

Today millions of people worldwide suffer the consequences of power outages due to common natural disasters.

In addition, over a billion people around the world do not even have electricity!

By backing our campaign you will be supporting our initiative to provide a brighter future to people without power in third-world countries. 

Works in 3 EASY Steps!

  • Light the tea candle.

  • Place the candle in the glass holder and lock it into the lantern.

  • Select your lighting mode and receive light!

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To solve a serious problem and secure people access to a safe and powerful light source, ThermTech has invented and beautifully designed the Luminiser Lantern. 

The ThermTech team has been working with thermoelectricity for the last 10 years. We have all the necessary skills and know how to make this happen.

ThermTech has been granted 2 United States Utility Patents:

  • US Utility Patent No 8,779,275

  • Thermoelectric generator battery charging and power supply

  • US Utility Patent No 8,404,962

  • Thermoelectric generator for battery charging and power supply

  • The Luminiser - Patent Pending and Design Patents

ThermTech is a small Norwegian company that develops advanced personal scale energy solutions for off-grid communities around the world. Our company serves 3 distinct markets: 

  • Developing world families living in energy poverty.

  • Emergency preparedness market.

  • Outdoor enthusiasts seeking to cook, charge, and light their lives away from an outlet. 

We address these markets simultaneously and by incubating core technologies that can serve users in all markets, we are able to re-invest near-term revenue to solve long-term, high-impact problems.  

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