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Button Loop Lamp

The first convertible lamp shade kit to create more than 100 styles of pendant hanging and ceiling lights.


Change up your lighting to suit your style with the Button Loop Lamp. With an innovative structure, this lamp can be designed and redesigned as often as you want. The Button Loop Lamp uses modular recyclable elements. There are hundreds of design configurations and you can easily transform the lamp as often as you like. Fun to change and adjust, the lamp allows you to cater the light to any mood you desire.

Cells, drops and our planet - Life appears in the geometric form of a ball.

With countless prototypes we tried hard to turn a flat special selected thermoplastic polymer material into a beautiful modular ball shape. Then we started to transform this shape - and those organic forms were so exciting, that we wanted to share these emotions with you and the world.

We offer you the Button Loop Lamp in two different sizes. For an easy understanding, we take the diameter of the ball.

Choose the Button Loop Lamp in the ideal size for you: small or big.

The small one is optimal for the hall or smaller but maybe higher rooms - the big one for the living or even larger rooms. You can design a set of hanging lamps; imagine an arrangement of three or more lamps lighting your dining table. Play with all the possibilities and have a great time.

We use for both sizes different material thicknesses. The small one is thinner and the big one is thicker - but both are perfect for the special sizes, look and feel great. Easy to use and in perfect quality. This is very important for us.

Just remember, with two lamps you can also combine different colors.

The Button Loop Lamp is easy: - Enjoy this friendly joint system. - Attach your new design in a single movement. - Get value from your standard socket. - No risks and complications.

You are able to remove and reinstall the lampshade with an easy movement even if the light bulb is attached - patent pending.

The button has the right size. The special developed form of the flexible button allows the user a comfortable experience while a frequent use.

Good design and the correct selection of materials result in a long lasting product.

 More innovative details...

 An easy installation minimizes injury risks.

To make it even more attractive, we offer you an assortment of exciting colors

 The most fantastic combinations are possible.

The Button Loop Lamp is modular: - You are able to change their form. - Add more modules. - Feel free to make color combinations and make it grow.

 Our plan does not end with the production of the basic kit.

If we reach 10.000€ the manufacture of the Button Loop Lamp is starting up. We take care that our product is delivered to you. In case we reach 15.000€ we release the blue color for choice. If we reach 20.000€ also the green color will be released for choice.

Reaching 30.000€, we are sending our backers one white canopy for each ordered kit. If our project reaches 50.000€… amazing! We will pack for free one standard lamp socket (according to your country) including a special cable for each ordered kit.

Please share this project in social media to release all stretch goals.

The Button Loop Lamp is beautiful: - Modify it to your personal taste. - Transform it according to your mood. - From minimalist to baroque, geometric to organic.

What is Designhoming? The brand Designhoming is our registered trademark. Designhoming is also our onlineshop since 2005. When you are interested please have a look at:

Who we are? We are a small team of industrial designers based in Düsseldorf, Germany. Together we make an interesting mix of ages, origins and expertise fields. This gives us a different vision to understand the needs of our customers and the way to solve them. The founder and head of design, sales and marketing, Claus Hencken, has also more than 15 years expertise in operating his own online store focused on interior design and designing for well-known companies and designer like Luigi Colani and Knirps - the umbrella company. Today his company designs, develops, produces and distributes also its own products. Now we are proud to present you the Button Loop Lamp.

We appreciate your help. You, the backers, are the team members who make us stronger.

Our product is in a very advanced stage of development. But like many other creators, we need a community of potential buyers interested in our lamp. We are convinced, with your support we will be able to deliver our first original product.

Musik: Special thanks to frametraxx

Do you have any question? We are ready to answer any questions about our product. Just send us a message or post your comments.

Feedback? Of course we are open to any creative proposal. Write us.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year.

Risks and challenges

Although this is our first Kickstarter project, we already have a lot of experience about development and distribution of design products. We know, there will be unexpected situations but we are a professional team able to face these circumstances, to find optimal solutions and to deliver the rewards to our backers.

Until now our team reached every goal and we are sure that it continues the same way. We will take care of keeping our community informed.

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