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Sweet n' Spiky! Cute Enamel Pins

Painfully adorable enamel pins! Kawaii-inspired characters with a delicious twist!


Sweet n' Spiky! Cute Enamel Pins

Inspired by all things deliciously kawaii and fueled by a passion for creating lovable original characters, this Kickstarter was launched with the aim to bring some adorable attitude into the world of enamel pins.

  • The CoRoCoRo pin will be 27mm black nickel-plated.  

  • The Sprinkles pin will be 25mm black nickel or rose gold-plated.  

  • All pins will have a black rubber clutch.  

  • All pins will come with a colorful backing card.

  • All pins will be hard enamel.

  • $550 - Hard Enamel Pins + Delivery  

  • $70 - Backing cards  

  • $50 - Kickstarter fees  

  • $30 - Packing/handling materials

**NEW Cost Breakdown with all stretch goals**

  • $1950 - Hard Enamel Pins w/ Backing cards + Delivery

  • $200 - Kickstarter fees

  • $50 - Packing/handling materials

Breakdown of costs may be adjusted depending on the total number of backers.

  •  The Berry Gary pin will be 29mm black nickel-plated.

  • The Bobasaurus Jr. pin will be 27mm black nickel-plated.

  • The Hunny Buns pin will be 29mm gold-plated.

  •  The Admiral Waffles pin will be 28mm gold-plated.

  • CoRoCoRo the Corgi Cactus - Created with my own adorable corgi in mind, CoRoCoRo resembles a barrel cactus. He may be pudgy, but he is full of energy and attitude! When he sleeps, his spines retract. The more water he drinks the bigger and rounder he gets!  

  • Sprinkles the Truffle Hamster - Rainbow sprinkles are my go-to-topping both visually and taste-wise on cake, ice cream, cookies you name it! Sprinkles embodies my enthusiasm for sweets! Exploding with excitement, Sprinkles is fierce, boundless energy incarnated into a chubby ball of sugar.  

  • Berry Gary the Jolly Red Panda - Conceptualized and named live on-stream with the help of my Twitch community! Gary is absolutely ecstatic about everything. He has a twin brother, Cherry Larry (who is actually red in color) Whether he takes a bath, eats ice cream or wins the lottery, Gary is Gary...all the time.  

  • Bobasaurus Jr. the Bubble Tea Kaiju - Caught in a perpetual sugar rush, to say Junior is a boba tea enthusiast would be an understatement. His favorite flavor is Taro milk tea, with exactly 45 tapioca balls (yes, he counts them as he's drinking). However, he dislikes lychee jelly as it is harder to count. Take away his boba tea and prepare to face the wrath of one super-cranky kaiju!

  • Hunny Buns the Donut Bunnies - The perfect pair: Cocoa Bun is a little bitter on the outside, but nothing but sweet vanilla creme on the inside. Bean Bun on the other hand is sweetness-supreme and loves smothering Cocoa in her strawberry jelly kisses. Despite his grumpy nature, Cocoa cares for Bean, and Bean adores her grumbly Cocoa. The two are inseparable.

  • Admiral Waffles the Froyo Fish - High commander of the soft serve treats! Waffles has an insatiable appetite for all things sweet and loves discovering and devouring new flavors, fruits, and toppings across his ocean travels. His scales change color depending on the flavors he's currently digesting. The Admiral refuses to eat fish gummy toppings he believes they are actual fish.

  • x2 Kickstarter Exclusive Berry Gary Vinyl Stickers (image is mockup of final sticker design)

  • x3 Kickstarter Exclusive CoRoCoRo Vinyl Stickers (image is mockup of final sticker design)

For more info and to follow my artwork and live-stream, check out the links below! You can also view my portfolio at

Risks and challenges

The artwork is already complete for the pins.

My only concerns are issues that may arise during actual production. Some issues that may arise could include delays from the printing company or shipping delays. I have chosen to go with a highly-recommended and highly-rated pin printing company. They have printed for a variety of clients, ranging from small independent artists such as myself to large corporations.

I feel confident in the quality of their service and products, however, I will certainly keep all my backers updated with any news or updates once production is underway.

Production time frame is 3-4 weeks average, upon successful funding of this Kickstarter, we're looking at a late July to early August delivery!

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