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iHug - On The Road To Life Care! Better Healthcare For All.


iHug App Screenshots

How iHug Was Founded


Our vision is to provide consumers with affordable on-demand healthcare services. We contract with registered nurses, medical doctors and other medical professional’s to offer the convenience that comes with a house call. We've designed a patent pending perpetual healthcare ecosystem; In doing so, the sky is the limit in helping consumers achieve robust health.


Humanity is built on transparency, communication, unity and community. At the core of our company is what we stand for: creativity and innovation. We will continue to challenge the status-quo in the healthcare system. When fellow Americans face the difficulty of our healthcare system, more often than not, our health becomes an afterthought. Sadly, this leaves us in a vulnerable situation.

Americans are facing astronomical premiums and deductibles with bankruptcy inducing medical expenditures. Whether you’re insured, uninsured or under-insured, it doesn’t change the fact that millions of Americans can’t access healthcare. This dilemma facing American people has given life to iHug. iHug is a patent pending multi-layered healthcare services app.

We are opening the door to individuals and families who need access to healthcare. Everyone deserves access to quality and affordable healthcare. We've worked to eliminate the red tape of requiring someone to have health insurance in order to see a doctor. This is simply not the case with iHug. Our business model relies on a small pay-per-use fee.

Doing More With Less

When a person is able to use their smartphone to access the iHug app, it's life changing. Instant access to quality healthcare professionals without any insurance hoops to jump through. That's the power of our patent pending app.

Using the iHug app, medical professionals will be empowered to visually examine any physical symptoms of patients, obtain blood samples, review medical charts and read vitals in real time, even remotely. When a doctor or registered nurse is able to read respiratory rates, blood pressure, skin temperature and heart rates, lives will be saved. Our primary initiative is to empower people to know about their health and prevent the need for costly emergency care.

Welcome to a revolutionary and truly universal affordable healthcare system for all!

No Health Insurance Required!

If you're seeking healthcare but can't afford health insurance, you can simply download the iHug app, select the service you need, pay a small fee and a doctor or registered nurse will arrive at your home or place of business within minutes to provide healthcare services.

No Doctor Change Required!

If you have an established relationship with your doctor, keep it! We understand how important it is to maintain your relationship with your doctor. Your doctor can download the iHug app and join the iHug community.

No More Paperwork!

We're making it easy for everyone. With iHug, all of your information is securely stored away and accessed on a need to know basis by you or any medical professional within the iHug Ecosystem™. As soon as you walk into your doctor's office, check-in with Hug™ and your doctor will have access to your medical charts, history and more.

No More Artificial Lines!

No matter where you live, iHug will always be at your side, aiding you when you need medical assistance, information, supplements, prescriptions, medical devices, medical equipment and more!

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

The iHug app allows users to request a ride to a doctors appointment If they should choose to see their doctor at a medical facility. We even have a service called a medical discharge pickup. This service holds great value. The doctor or registered nurse will be able to review your medical charts and discuss any concerns. Having a registered nurse that is able to provide encouragement, education and easily go over your discharge instructions, medications and follow up with you later can be the least expensive way to avoid future hospital visits.

Backer Pledges

We will use the cumulative pledge amount to pay for feature completion so that we can successfully bring the iHug app to market, fully loaded with all the necessary security features and back-end support.

Connecting the Dots

Our Team

Our Timeline

HeadTalker Campaign

Project Background

Why am I doing this? I had very little family growing up. The most significant person in my life as a child was my Grandma, Esther. I loved her dearly. She would always give me sound advice. When she had a stroke, it changed our lives. She suffered from not having health insurance. When she couldn't afford the medications, her condition got worse. The burden fell on her children. I was always the first to volunteer to care of her. I checked her blood pressure, gave her insulin, kept track of her daily routine charts and fed her through a feeding tube as she was paralyzed on the left side of her body. She eventually passed away. She was a great woman of integrity and heart. I promised her I would make my life count and do something for others. She saw something in me and believed I would do something special.

In my early years, I was given a Commodore 64. Oh how I loved that computer! It was my first PC and I spent hours with it. That's how my love for technology started. Today, I'm using that love and the love I have for my family to help benefit the world. This project is personal and I'm very passionate about it. I want to help lower medical costs. I want to help people gain access to affordable healthcare. I want people to feel connected to the world of healthcare. Technology has always been a friend of mine during times of loneliness, fear and seclusion while growing up, and now I'm using it to help those in need. I've dedicated my life to it.

I hope that my story touches you and hits home. I hope you're willing to stand with me and our dedicated team so we can bring the app to market. Make a pledge today and help millions of people who don't currently have affordable access to healthcare. It could be the difference between someone remaining ill or getting well with iHug.

Supporting Backer Website:

Risks and challenges

We believe every project faces challenges, which is why we're willing to address concerns using the well versed executive experience within our team, our intellectual property, entrepreneurship and most importantly our collective passion to help those in need.

Our team is hoping to reach our pledge goal so that we can complete the project and deliver iHug™ to the market place. We're approximately 75% complete. We need the additional capital to enlist additional programmers to ensure the app can scale out while staying as secure as possible.

Additionally, we will list the risks involved and how we're addressing each of them:

Market Risk Our solution: Our app has the capability to penetrate more than 40+ major U.S. Industries with nearly 50% of them in rapid year over year growth stages. Our potential for market risk is significantly lower over a start-up that has a service or product is in a single industry, targeting a singular problem.

Technology & Operational Risks Our solution: We have many coding platforms at our fingertips and do not foresee a problem. We'll stack systems to provide a fail-safe environment. As far as operational risks, we’re going to keep our coding clean, lean, and adaptable to other platforms for future expansion with the help of programmers support if we're able to reach out goal on Kickstarter.

People Risk Our solution: We have assembled a wonderful team of highly capable and educated individuals that are or have been employed with industry leading companies such as Apple, Cisco, Intel, IBM, Hewlett Packard and others. We have seasoned executives of 60+ years who are providing our company with the proper guidance and strategic decisions.

Legal & Regulatory Risks Our solution: Each medical profession has a governing board in their state as well as federal boards who provide oversight to medical professionals. This ensures our company is excluded from the management of medical professionals. We are simply a platform that connects consumers with medical professionals. We have an attorney on our team who went over our patent and feels we have a novel/original invention which will lead to less risk from monetary loss, industry risk and lawsuits. If needed, we have access to legal counsel for patents and trademarks. We are currently seeking a corporate attorney to guide our growth as we develop. We also have extensive terms and conditions written for the company and app which limits our risk in any potential lawsuit.

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