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Easily Transform Nature Into a Work of Art

treevo introduces a revolutionary approach to growing trees into decorative shapes, offering a DIY kit to have fun with nature at home.


treevo is a unique way of growing trees into ornamental shapes. Our revolutionary product offers an exciting way to connect with nature and experience the captivating charm of tree-shaping from the comfort of your home. In the past, arborsculpture has been known to be a complicated process and requiring high maintenance and expertise. But with treevo, you can watch your seedling sprout into beautiful artwork making it easy and enjoyable for everyone.

Embrace nature and art with treevo. 

We designed a revolutionary new method of shaping trees by guiding their roots into decorative shapes to grow artistic pieces that fit your lifestyle. Along with building a satisfying relationship with Mother Earth, treevo provides you a way to show your love of nature by bringing a beautifully sculpted piece into your home or office.

 Don’t Have a Green Thumb? 

No more dead plants! Watch your world blossom by weaving nature into your own life with the easy to use indoor-growth system perfect for people with a poor track record of keeping plants alive, and for the families who will enjoy watching the magic happen.

It’s important to us that your treevo grows happily and healthily, and we take many steps to ensure this. By seeding and sprouting your plant in our specially constructed greenhouse, your treevo will sprout it’s young roots into our special large-scale aeroponic system.  

Growing a tree with treevo is a fun activity to do with friends, family or as a solo project. It’s cool and convenient, requires little maintenance and is sure to capture everyone’s attention. Watch the roots slowly fill the mold as treevo evolves into its final form, adding an original touch to the home or office that will definitely stand out. 

We are a team of nature-focused entrepreneurs, and treevo represents our appreciation for our world. Until now, the barriers to successful arbor-sculpture have been high, requiring practiced maintenance and expertise. Our straightforward and simple method produces the same gorgeous results without the demands and experience, while delivering a creative experience for family and friends.

Our vision is for treevo to help solve the emotional need that every human has for interaction with nature, but that they may lack due to a life led mostly indoors. Additionally, with nature as an afterthought in urban environments, the presence of every plant counts. With treevo, a creative solution has been found. Artists, design geeks, decorators and many more will find beautiful and surprising uses for treevo in a wide range of urban environments. Meld the beauty of the outdoors with the home, office or city, and take part in the sprouting of a new revolution in traditional aesthetics.

We believe that nature has an important place in our daily lives, but we must work with it - not against it to find the right balance. 

Risks and challenges

We have and are maintaining a fully equipped and fully functional root plantation, which can be expanded rapidly as needed, with successful prototypes and crops under our belts. Where it is dependent on us, we do our utmost to ensure the arrival of the product in its entirety as well as the success of its growth in your home. The existing habitat is able to produce the respectable number of hundreds of roots in each growing cycle and is ISO 90001 certified and is under close supervision and control from the sprouting stages, via extending the root to the desired size, all the way up to its preparation for shipment. However, we make sure to prepare the root for this situation, and with proper planting and under the right conditions at the customer's home, the plant will soon recover and new leaves will begin budding at the top of the plant. We can say this with confidence after we have tested shipping to several countries around the world with the strictest regulatory conditions.

In spite of our attempts and our testing of the relevant bodies and entities involved in the export and import of living products and plants, it is important to note that there may be countries that will create difficulties in bringing the product into the country. In this type of situation, and/or any reason that could prevent the delivery of the product to the country, the money will be returned to the customer. You are welcome to contact the treevo's support staff with any questions regarding the growth of the plant, and we will be happy to assist you.

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