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The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 saw the world united through the power of sport, positivity and hope. Olympians amazed us with spine-tingling sporting performances, passion and heart-warming moments of sportsmanship.


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  • Banner Ads Make Up More than 75% of Mobile Advertising in Asia-Pacific

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  • Revenues for the European IoT market are forecast to increase by 19.8%

  • France to invest $3.7 billion in boosting 4G coverage

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이미지 제공: Valdemaras D.

Source: Forbes, December 1, 2021

Many people talk about creating the metaverse but RTKFT is one company that is building on that promise. Their rise in virtual streetwear and sneakers to digital avatars is only the beginning for RTKFT.


Source: TelecomTV, November 30, 2021

2022 will represent a key year for wireless connectivity innovation as Wi-Fi 6, 6E, and Ultra-Wideband adoption accelerates across a growing number of end markets. Global technology intelligence firm ABI Research forecasts that next year Wi-Fi 6 will reach well over 1.5 billion annual chipset shipments...


Source: MESA, November 29, 2021

Atos and IQM announced the findings from the first global IDC study on the current status and future of quantum computing in high performance computing (HPC). Commissioned by IQM and Atos, the study reveals that 76% of HPC data centres worldwide plan to use quantum computing by 2023.

이미지 제공: Sergio Rota

Source: Vaniti Fair, November 29, 2021

A couple of years ago, right before COVID shut down the world, I was sitting with Bob Iger in his office at the Disney headquarters in Burbank and he gleefully asked me if I wanted to see something cool. 



6 FinTech Cybersecurity Trends for 2022 

Source: ArchTIS, November 29, 2021

2020 and 2021 have been tough years for the FinTech industry, but despite the economic fallout from BREXIT and the COVID pandemic, the sector is none the less forecasting a strong and optimistic outlook for 2022 and beyond. 

휴대전화 카메라

Source: TelecomTV, November 26, 2021

The global market for radio access network (RAN) equipment has so far been impacted but not “derailed” by the chip shortages that are affecting the production and supply of networking gear, according to research firm Dell’Oro. 


Source: Channel ASIA, November 25, 2021

Global artificial intelligence (AI) software spending will grow 21.3 per cent to US$62 billion next year, according to analyst firm Gartner. Knowledge management, virtual assistants, autonomous vehicles, digital workplace and crowdsourced data will make up the top five use cases for AI software spending in 2022.

이미지 제공: Toa Heftiba

Source: TWICE, November 24, 2021

Many people are planning home improvement projects for 2022, and these technologies can help you succeed. Whether you are shopping for new gear for your own project or looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves DIY, these gadgets are perfect for everything from upgrading home security to expanding ...

이미지 제공: Sara Kurfeß

Source: a.list, November 23, 2021

Among the social media marketers HubSpot polled, 68 percent reported that audio chat rooms such as Clubhouse are the most effective social media content while 59 percent report the same for live video.


Source: NDTV, November 22, 2021

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has asked its employees to return to offices in preparation for the IT major's '25/25' model, which is expected to be implemented by 2025.


Source: Brink News, November 22, 2021

If you’re interested in technology, you’ve probably heard the buzzword of the moment — “metaverse.” The hype around this term may have reached its zenith Thursday, when Facebook announced that it was renaming its portfolio of companies “Meta” to align its businesses with its ambition to build the metaverse.

TV 리모컨

Source: TVB Europe, November 22, 2021

Disney Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max and Apple TV Plus will collectively reach 910 million subscriptions by 2026 according to new figures from Digital TV  Research.The analysts predict the five major US-based platforms will control 53 per cent of the world’s 1.7 billion SVoD subscriptions by 2026.


Source: BraodbandTV, November 19, 2021

Over the years, home entertainment, and TV content, in particular, has evolved tremendously, and the modern user with it. Nowadays, viewers expect functionality such as voice control, assistants, app stores and games.


Source: Startup Nation, November 18, 2021

Startups whose founders have a track record of success and are resilient and adaptable will catch investors' attention, writes Medingenii Capital founder Diane Yoo, who shares her process for evaluating startups.

이미지 제공: Sara Kurfeß

Source: CIO DIVE, November 17, 2021

With COVID-19 cases retreating in the U.S., the scope of most businesses has moved from reacting to change to accelerating recovery.  When it comes to innovation and creativity, some analysts say current conditions are ideal for a boom cycle.

이미지 제공: Charles Deluvio

Source: SEJ, November 16, 2021

This past year has certainly given social media marketers plenty to chew on as they set strategy and allocate budget for 2022. Snapchat emerged as a major player in social media marketing, growing revenue 57% YoY, achieving its first billion-dollar quarter, and increasing daily active users to over 300 million.


Source: WSJ, November 15, 2021

More than 190 nations reached a deal at the United Nations summit here that aims to accelerate greenhouse-gas-emissions cuts across the world, but leaves big questions over how governments will follow through in the coming decade to try to avert the worst effects of global warming.


Source: IT Pro Portal, November 15, 2021

With remote working and distance learning not going anywhere, and the demand for industry-specific cloud applications on the rise, cloud infrastructure service providers are rubbing their hands together


Source: TelecomTV, November 15, 2021

The worldwide Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) market is expanding quickly to fulfil the need of high-speed broadband connectivity for both business and consumer segments. 5G FWA, a powerful platform providing fiber-like broadband service, will be accelerating the FWA market. 


Source: Total Retail, November 12, 2021

2020 was the first year where online sales surpassed in-person sales for small to midsize businesses (SMBs). Despite that, the trend isn't set to continue, and 2021 and 2022 projections show online sales will flatten out to slightly equal in-person sales.


Source: GCN, November 11, 2021

COVID-19 has been a catalyst for digital transformation in the public sector, putting governments at the forefront of the public health response. According to a recent survey from the National Association of State CIOs, 90% of state CIOs said that the pandemic increased demand for digital government services.


Source: a.list, November 10, 2021

The internet economy grew seven times faster than the total US economy during the past four years and now accounts for 12 percent of the US GDP, that’s according to a new study from Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Harvard Business School.

VR 헤드셋을 사용하는 사람들의 그룹

Source: MESA, November 9, 2021

While live-action film production during the pandemic was significantly helped by advances in virtual production, COVID-19 and the accompanying rise of virtual production has impacted animation also...

서울 야경

Source: World Economic Forum, November 8, 2021

In August 2021, IPCC released a sixth assessment report on climate change laying out details on how the Earth will confront dire consequences if no collective, immediate and strong actions on climate are taken.


Source: Arm Blueprint, November 8, 2021

Cybersecurity is at a crossroads. Cyber incidents that bring critical infrastructure to a standstill, theft of sensitive data, and ransomware targeting municipalities, corporations, and even hospitals have become all too common daily news. 


Source: TelecomTV, November 8, 2021

The global market for telecoms services is set to grow slightly, by about 1%, to hit $1,545 billion this year and then continue to grow during the next four years to top $1,600 billion in 2025, according to a new forecast form IDC (see chart above).


Source: TelecomTV, November 5, 2021

Despite a slight decline in the worldwide mobile subscriber base resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, mobile network operators across different markets continue to expand 5G network deployments. 

supply chain

Source: NRF, November 4, 2021

Recently, supply chains across industries have taken a devastating hit — and retail is no exception. As we prepare for NRF 2022: Retail’s Big Show starting January 16, 2022, we have handpicked more than 50 visionary tech startups across the retail industry ...

이미지 제공: Yong Chuan Tan

Source: Mckinsey, November 3, 2021

Asia is the world’s consumption growth engine. If you miss Asia, you could miss half of the global picture—a $10 trillion consumption growth opportunity over the next decade.

이미지 제공: Brooke Cagle

Source: TWICE, November 2, 2021

More than a year and a half after the pandemic started, we are closing the chapter on how customers react during a crisis and are now looking to how it has created permanent change. 

Source: CIO Dive, November 1, 2021

If the premise for 2020 was survival, the 2021 directive for the enterprise is to get back on track, chasing the revenue and growth that stalled during the pandemic.


Source: TelecomTV, November 1, 2021

Value of cloud infrastructure services sector hits $45.4 billion in the third quarter, according to Synergy Research, and lots of players are benefiting.

이미지 제공: Christina @

Source: CIO Dive, November 1, 2021

Ransomware is an attack on your data. Can you say that your approach to preventing ransomware is focused on data? Organizations are becoming more aware of the chaos that ransomware can create — to the tune of $4.62 million in escalation...


Source: SmartBrief, October 29, 2021

Events, and networking at those events, have always been a mainstay for B2B marketers. In 2020, marketers were forced to abandon their traditional in-person event playbook and turn to virtual events to make connections. 


Source: Vogue Business, October 28, 2021

Virtual commerce technology is helping fashion brands take online shopping to the next level, beyond Whatsapp and Facebook messaging. But it requires a major rethink of stores and staff roles.


Source: Fast Company, October 28, 2021

Climate tech startups have raised more money in 2021 than in any year before—and nearly five times more than in 2016, just after the Paris climate agreement was signed. 

Source: Tech Radar, October 27, 2021

Over the past year, home security has become more important than ever, especially as more businesses embrace hybrid working and millions make working from home part of the new normal.

whole food

Source: Progressive Grocery, October 26, 2021

Greens from indoor urban farms, cocktails sans alcohol and a new appreciation for yuzu fruit from Asia are among the 10 key trends that will make a splash among shoppers in 2022, according to the seventh annual Whole Foods Market trends report.

이미지 제공: Nicola Styles

Source: NRF, October 25, 2021

The pandemic has accelerated the future of retail, and that future includes a radically transformed store experience. The world now expects speed coupled with convenience and safety, but what does that mean for the in-store luxury experience?


Source: CIO DIVE, October 25, 2021

Pandemic openings, then closures, economic upheaval, supply chain woes and the Great Resignation are only a few of the tumultuous events businesses have dealt with this year. But, uncertainty is expected.


Source: Fobes, October 25, 2021

When it comes to midsize companies during times of crisis, I always think about how even the smallest bushes and trees in a forest grow back faster than everything else after a wildfire. 

VR 헤드셋을 사용하는 사람들의 그룹

Source: Semiengineering, October 22, 2021

Wearables have attracted a lot of attention recently, due to both their successes as well as failures. They bring together requirements for packaging, new substrates, power scavenging, low-power, novel connectivity, flexibility, durability, as well as fashion.

social media

Source: Social Media Today, October 21, 2021

We’re quickly nearing the end of another COVID-disrupted year, and while many will be glad to see the back of 2021, with a return to normal now on the horizon, we do still have some way to go yet, with the full economic impacts of the pandemic likely to play out over decades, and in varying ways.


Source: Technology Record, October 20, 2021

The media landscape has been experiencing an almost unprecedented period of change. The shift towards streaming, already in full flow before the pandemic, has accelerated even faster than anticipated, while the gaming industry has brought entirely new ways of creating and delivering content into the wider industry.


Source: Alist, October 19, 2021

Research from Dataxis has revealed that despite unchallenged domination in terms of pay-TV revenues among peers, traditional pay-TV operators in Europe have been increasingly pushed either into diversifying their accesses or giving in to consolidation with their historic competitors.

이미지 제공: XPS

Source: TelecomTV, October 18, 2021

GIGAEurope and EURACTIV have this week held a timely debate on the subject of “Digital Inclusiveness: How to ensure no European is left behind” on the Path to the Digital Decade.

Source: Lifeweay, October 18, 2021

 Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, online worship services were a novel concept for many churches. In the almost two years since, however, churches have adapted and reached new people with the adoption of digital streaming.

공장에서 기계

Source: Fobes, October 18, 2021

The digital transformation that many companies underwent in 2020 continued in 2021 at a rapid pace as the pandemic continued to impact the world. While many of my digital Top transformation trends predictions from a year ago were proven correct, others didn’t quite come to fruition and were displaced for more urgent.



AI Adoption Skyrocketed Over the Last 18 Months

Source: HBR, October 15, 2021

When it comes to digital transformation, the Covid crisis has provided important lessons for business leaders. Among the most compelling lessons is the potential data analytics and artificial intelligence brings to the table.



62% watching more SVoD since pandemic

Source: Advanced Television, October 14, 2021

The popularity of streaming services continue to overtake cable TV, with more than half of UK consumers (53 per cent) saying the content on providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube  is more entertaining than its traditional TV counterparts, and a further 62 per cent saying they watch more paid streaming...


Source: ZDNet, October 13, 2021

Cloud services provide resources on a massive scale to support artificial intelligence and machine learning efforts, but a hybrid approach may be the best course in many cases. That requires an enterprise architecture approach to get everything right.


Source: IDC, October 12, 2021

The second quarter of 2020 (2Q20) ended well for the Traditional PC market, comprised of desktops, notebooks, and workstations, with global shipments growing 11.2% year over year reaching a total of 72.3 million units, according to preliminary results from IDC  Worldwide Quarterly PC Device Tracker.


Source: ABI, October 11, 2021

 Global technology intelligence firm ABI Research expects over 200 million active users in AR applications that leverage AI in some form by 2026; this can include foundational AR technologies like machine vision and Simultaneous Location and Mapping (SLAM) tracking.

TV 리모컨

Source: Twice, October 11, 2021

Parks Associates has announced the release of its latest Consumer Insights Dashboard, a new ongoing service that analyzes the firm’s quarterly surveys of 10,000 U.S. broadband households to track consumer adoption of home devices and services.


Source: TelecomTV, October 11, 2021

As enterprises continue their transition to the cloud, the opportunities and roles for managed service providers (SPs) have expanded and grown more complex. At the same time, the managed cloud services market has become more competitive as organizations increasingly look to their public cloud service providers for solutions.


Source: MIT, October 8, 2021

The last year has shown the value of innovative uses of data and analytics, as companies shifted to accommodate rapidly changing circumstances. At the same time, other firms struggled to keep up, with some wrestling with issues of how to gather, use, and manage data.

온라인 쇼핑

Source: Trandperfect, October 7, 2021

E-commerce is a fast-paced, ever-evolving industry. Gaining insights into trends can be tricky, especially when they’re so quick to change. To do so successfully requires a high level of nuance and tons of social listening.


Source: ZDNet, October 6, 2021

Digital transformation is rapidly changing all facets of business, including the roles of those charged with leading their companies into new, technology-driven territories.


Source: USTelecom, October 5, 2021

This year’s survey of 2020 capex provides an instructive look at not only the immense investment (in dollars) America’s communications providers are devoting to deploy broadband, but to another point: investment has not flagged – in spite of the tremendous disruptions caused by the pandemic.

Source: TelecomTV, October 4, 2021

Widespread home working and therefore hybrid working (part employer premises/office and part home) may have started out as a desperate bid to ensure that the pandemic and its lockdowns didn’t wipe out the economy, but pretty soon morphed into a giant experiment on technology-enabled working practices.