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New Begin, New Start, and New Possibilty


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Source: State of Green

A buzzing week is on the horizon. Held against the backdrop of the United Nations General Assembly, the upcoming Climate Week NYC 2023 is set to highlight pathways towards more equitable and climate-resilient economies.

See Your Prduct In Your Area
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 Source: RCR Wireless, December 1,  2023

The technological advances being shaped by 5G across Europe are so profound, the era is being identified as Europe’s digital decade. There are multiple technology milestones being realized throughout Europe and these achievements are seen as pivotal moments where vision becomes a reality right before our eyes...[more]

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TV still the main news source for European news, but social media growing

 Source: Broadband TV News, November 30,  2023

Television continues to dominate as the primary news source for European citizens, according to a Eurobarometer survey on behalf of the European Parliament. Television holds 71% of attention, followed by online press and news platforms (42%), with radio and social media platforms sharing third position on 37% each...[more]

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 Source: MIT, November 29,  2023

Tweet Post Share Save Buy Copies Print Project management, the time-bound practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and ending the work of a team in the pursuit of specific organizational goals, has always been impacted by technology. While the core tenets of project management — scope, time, cost, quality, human...[more]

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 Source: Ampere, November 28,  2023

Global pay TV penetration (the number of pay TV subscriptions relative to the number of households) is set to decline for the first time ever in 2024 following a peak penetration of 60.3% in Q4 2023. This decline will continue into the forecast period, with a drop of almost 4 percentage points by the end of 2028 ...[more]

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 Source: CIO DIVE, November 27,  2023

It was quite the weekend for OpenAI. With the one-year anniversary of the public introduction to its famed chatbot ChatGPT just days away, OpenAI had lost its CEO, president and other staff members. Former CEO Sam Altman’s departure ricocheted through the company. President and Co-founder Greg Brockman ...[more]

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 Source: Wired, November 27,  2023

As gearheads and auto industry suits streamed into the Los Angeles Convention Center Saturday for the LA Auto Show, they found themselves in the middle of a scene out of Squid Games. Demonstrators clad in the Netflix show’s red jumpsuits and black guard masks splayed across the showroom...[more]


 Source: TelecomTV, November 27,  2023

The volume of data traffic running over Europe’s mobile networks is set to triple over the next five years, according to industry body the GSMA, which is using its forecast published in its new European Mobile Economy Report to send its latest ‘fair share’ contribution message to European Union lawmakers...[more]

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 Source: Juniper Reserach, November 24,  2023

It predicts that diminishing quality of SMS networks will drive enterprises using mobile business messaging to explore alternative channels, including OTT messaging apps. As a result, operators are expected to lose over $3 billion SMS business messaging revenue globally to OTT channels over the next five years....[more]

A WiFi 6 card, soldered onto a mainboard of a sleek ultrabook. This chip is produced by In

 Source: RCRWireless, November 23,  2023

Wi-Fi 6, or IEEE 802.11ax, was certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance in the fall of 2019, and unlike past upgrades, this generation highlighted efficiency by introducing multi-user concepts, rather than focusing solely on faster speeds and bigger channels....[more]

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 Source: CIO Dive, November 22,  2023

The IT job market felt the push and pull of hiring binges and subsequent job cuts this year. The technology job market bounced back in October with U.S. employers across industries adding 483,000 IT jobs after key indicators suggested a cooling in September...[more]

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 Source: TelecomTV,  November 21,  2023

 International Data Corporation (IDC) has upgraded its Semiconductor Market Outlook by calling a bottom and return to growth that accelerates next year. IDC raised its September 2023 revenue outlook from $518.8 billion to $526.5 billion in a new forecast...[more]


 Source: Forbes,  November 20,  2023

Lately, there has been chatter about organizations creating chief AI officer roles, charged with advocating for safe and productive AI practices. David Mathison, founder and chairman of the CDO Club, reports that he is now tracking the "chief AI officer" title in his monthly jobs updates, with seven new chief AI officers being...[more]

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 Source: Information Age,  November 20,  2023

nd consulting firm Gartner, IT spending by CIOs based across Europe is expected to be largely focused on IT services and software, with data centre systems not far from the top of the agenda...[more]


 Source: MIT Management,  November 20,  2023

The benefits of XR derive not from machines replacing humans but rather from machines complementing human work, according to MIT Sloan senior lecturer Paul McDonagh-Smith, who teaches an executive education course about the business implications of extended reality...[more]

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CIOs sharpen cloud cost strategies — just as gen AI spikes loom

 Source: Global Data,  November 17,  2023

Experience, best practices, and better tools are helping IT leaders get savvier about cloud economics. But emerging technologies such as generative AI and the drive to innovate will perennially complicate the equation. ...[more]

VR 웨어러블 기기를 사용하는 사람

 Source: Global Data,  November 16,  2023

Companies worldwide are continuing to talk about the metaverse, according to GlobalData, which found that 40% more companies mentioned ‘Metaverse’ in their company filings documents quarter-on-quarter. The Leading data and analytics company’s ‘Company Filing Analytics’ database reveals that mentions ...[more]

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